Katie & Curtis // Oak Ridge Estate, Charlottesville, VA Wedding

On a gorgeous, sunny day on the second weekend of June, Katie & Curtis were wed on the lawn of Oak Ridge Estate near Charlottesville, Virginia. When Andrew and I pulled up the morning of their wedding to the estate, we could not help but drop our jaws at the sight of this incredible home! The views of the mountains were incredible, and the home was amazing. There was a huge garden in the back. I imagine that when it was someone's home long ago, many days were spent wandering the gardens. 

Their wedding day was so joyful. One of my favorite parts of their day was being with their bridal party. Their friends were friends they had had since they were younger - a long time! They were telling stories about each other's families from when they were younger and real tears were shed as soon as Katie slipped into her beautiful wedding gown.

Andrew and I loved being a part of Katie & Curtis' wedding day and engagement. Congratulations, you two!